A Scribble Post

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这是一篇scribble格式写的样例文章。 The source of this post is Scribble format (not Markdown).

Here is some intro text, above "the jump".

Here’s some Bullshit Ipsum.

Addelivery & integrate ecologies e-markets standards-compliant utilize technologies aggregate addelivery viral–communities dynamic functionalities. Mindshare engineer viral A-list: cross-platform remix engage social cross-media social innovate distributed matrix experiences monetize utilize innovative. Action-items transition recontextualize sexy Cluetrain envisioneer, "vortals communities evolve technologies sexy methodologies." Enhance grow compelling iterate architect matrix plug-and-play reinvent scale, distributed incentivize, extend.

A Section

I am some text.

A SubSection

A codeblock uses curly braces and does retain comments:

;; Finds Racket sources in all subdirs
(for ([path (in-directory)])
  (when (regexp-match? #rx"[.]rkt$" path)
    (printf "source file: ~a\n" path)))
(define (foo #:bar bar)

A racketblock uses square brackets and does not retain comments:

(for ([path (in-directory)])
  (when (regexp-match? #rx"[.]rkt$" path)
    (printf "source file: ~a\n" path)))
(define (foo #:bar bar)

Here is a interaction:

> (: my-sqr (Real -> Real))
> (define (my-sqr x)
  (* x x))
> (my-sqr 42)

- : Real


Here’s a fancier one:

> (require slideshow/pict)
> (define rainbow-colors
    '("red" "orange" "yellow" "green" "blue" "purple"))
> (for/list ([c rainbow-colors])
     (colorize (filled-rounded-rectangle 20 20) c))

'(image image image image image image)

> (for/list ([c rainbow-colors]
             [dir (in-cycle '(right left))])
    (standard-fish 25 25 #:color c #:direction dir))

'(image image image image image image)

> (cc-superimpose
   (cc-superimpose (cloud 100 80 "lightblue")
                   (cloud 90 70 "white"))
   (hc-append 10
    (standard-fish 30 30 #:color "red" #:direction 'right)
    (standard-fish 25 20 #:color "blue" #:direction 'left)))


Here’s an example of using Pygments to syntax highlight non-Racket code:

function foo() {
  return 7;